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On Site Safety Services

Accident and Incident Investigation

Well Control Group offers tailored safety solutions through its Eastern Canada location. 

Safety is Paramount

Safety is every rig's first priority. Experts trained by Well Control Group routinely offer their expertise on the rig site, inspecting equipment, reviewing procedures, and assuring compliance with existing regulations. Additionally, on-site training can be provided for all the safety courses offered by our organization.


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Third party investigations are of paramount importance to companies to ensure that events causing delays or interruptions in the completion of a task (incidents) or events that cause damages or injury to people and/or property (accidents) are minimized in both frequency and severity.

Service Offered

Conducting a thorough investigation on the root causes of an accident / incident is the most effective step in avoiding future occurrences. Out trained professionals will provide answers to the questions "What happened?", "Why did that happen?", and more importantly "How can we prevent this from happening again?". 

Well Control Group's team of trained professional can be used to provide a third party investigation or to supplement a company's workforce with extra muscle. An impartial and fair investigation is critical in particular when investigating serious, complex, or sensitive matters.