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Safety Courses

Well Control Group offers a diverse set of safety training courses at the Newfoundland location.

Safety is Paramount

Safety is everyone's first priority. Experts trained by Well Control Group share their years of experience in class and on the work site, inspecting equipment, reviewing procedures, and assuring compliance with existing regulations. 

Our goals is to offer all the necessary safety training and services that can assist your organization in becoming the best it can be. Currently, we offer regular courses every week at our training location located near St. John's, NL. Courses like Confined Space Entry, Enform H2S Alive™, Fall Protection, and OSSA™ Certified courses are only some of the courses we offer throughout the week.

If your organization wishes to follow the highest standards of health and safety in the industry, we are here to help.

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IVES Aerial Work Platform (Boomlift and/or Scissor)


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The primary objective of this aerial lifts operator training program is to provide you with the knowledge and skill required to demonstrate safe, competent operation of the equipment addressed. This overall objective may be broken down into several specific objectives that are secondary, but necessary, in order to reach the final objective of qualification as an aerial lift operator.

Course Information

Duration: 1 day course
Components: Theory and Practical

Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Rules

•    Regulations
•    Industry Standards
•    Company/Employer Policy
•    Manufacturer’s Instructions
•    Specific Rules and Responsibilities
•    Specific Regulations

Chapter 2: Types of Aerial Lifts

•    Self-propelled and Boom-supported Elevating Work Platforms

Chapter 3: Main Parts and their Functions

•    Base Section
•    Turret Section (Aerial Boomlift)
•    Boom Section (Boomlift)
•    Elevating Section (Scissor Lift)
•    Platform Section

Chapter 4: Safety Systems and Devices

•    Interlock Devices/Limit Switches
•    Slope Warning System
•    Function-enable (Deadman) Devices
•    Drive-direction Arrows
•    Drive-enable System/Switch (Boomlift)
•    Oscillating Axles
•    Oscillating Axle Lock
•    Extendable Axles (Boomlift)
•    Outriggers/Stabilizers
•    Platform Auto-Level System
•    Pothole Protection (Scissor Lift)
•    Safety Prop (Scissor Lift)
•    Envelope Management System
•    Auxiliary Power System
•    Auxiliary/Manual Lowering System
•    Lift/Drive Selector
•    Manual Brake Release

Chapter 5: Specifications

•    Dimensions and Measurements
•    Capabilities
•    Options

Chapter 6: Stability and Capacity Characteristics

•    Leverage
•    Center of Gravity
•    Motion
•    Unit of Configuration

Chapter 7: Inspections

•    Frequent
•    Annual
•    Structural (CSA Only)
•    Pre-start
•    Workplace Inspection

Chapter 8: Fall Protection

•    Guardrails
•    Personal Fall Protection System
•    Inspection and Care of Personal Fall Protection Systems
•    Proper Use of Personal Fall Protection Systems
•    Rescue Plan

Chapter 9: Safe Operating Procedures

•    Traveling
•    Steering
•    Unit Setup
•    Unit Positioning
•    Platform Positioning
•    Working While Elevated

Chapter 10: Parking and Shutdown

•    Fueling
•    Propane Cylinders
•    Battery Charging



Completion of pre-use operations, visual and workplace inspections. Demonstration and safe use of all operational/emergency function will be completed.