Well Control Group
IWCF & IADC Certified Well Control School

IWCF Drilling Program - Level 2

Introduction to Well Control for Drilling Rigs


IWCF Candidate Registration (CR) Number.

*If a candidate does not yet have an IWCF CR Number, they must register their details online in order to generate their unique 6-digit CR Number: https://www.iwcf-forum.org/newcandidate

Please be advised that if a candidate is from or is currently living/working in an embargoed or sanctioned country according to EU regulations, IWCF must be informed in advance and additional information may be required in order to proceed with a training application.


The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the features of drilling a well and the fundamental principles involved in maintaining well control.  

Please visit the IWCF website for information about the program and the full course syllabus.


Prior certification is not required but previous direct or indirect involvement in drilling operations is assumed. Please get in touch with us to discuss candidate suitability if you have any questions.

Designed For

The Level 2 (Introductory) course is designed for candidates currently working in roles which may directly contribute to the creation, detection or control of a well influx. This training and certification is recommended for those working in roles such as Roughneck, Derrickman, Barge Engineer, BOP/Subsea Engineer, Mud Logger or Wellsite Drilling Data Engineer, and many others.

To view the full list of recommended job titles, please refer to the IWCF website: www.iwcf.org/programmes

Course Delivery

Courses are offered every week in both Western and Eastern Canada and begin the Monday of each week. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a customized schedule.

The course is delivered through presentation of a series of lectures and in class exercises, supplemented by further self-study exercises. Where available, candidates are also introduced to drilling simulation with the use of a range of simulators which allows candidates put the well control theory into practice. The course is delivered over 4 days and includes IWCF written assessments on the final day.


Candidates may select either “Combined” (Surface & Subsea) or “Surface Only” BOP Stack certification. Successful completion of the course and a pass mark of 70% or above in all IWCF written assessments will result in the IWCF Level 2 certification which is valid for five years.