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High Angle Rescue

Well Control Group offers tailored safety solutions through its Eastern Canada location. 

Safety is Paramount

Safety is every rig's first priority. Experts trained by Well Control Group routinely offer their expertise on the rig site, inspecting equipment, reviewing procedures, and assuring compliance with existing regulations. Additionally, on-site training can be provided for all the safety courses offered by our organization.


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A rescue is considered “High angle” when the terrain has a slope angle of 50 degrees or more. At this incline, rescuers are totally dependent on the ropes used to keep them and the victims from falling, complicating all entry and rescue operations.

Service Offered

Well Control group will provide you with the highest level of professionalism and safety in high angle rescue operations. This type of operations involves unique complications that can be met only by a specially trained and fully equipped technician. Our team can help employers who do not have sufficient in-house resources to meet the current regulatory standards put in place to ensure safer work conditions.