Well Control Group
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Advanced Well Control Training


6+ candidates.
Prior certification at supervisor level or above.


The IADC WellCAP Plus Program is designed to encourage participation among multiple levels of decision makers including drilling superintendents, operations engineers, rig superintendents, rig managers, and all other qualified individuals. The program utilizes a facilitated learning approach intended to improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The program embraces a Problem Solving Model to develop these skills.

Please visit the IADC WellCAP Plus website for more information.


Candidates can "pre-qualify" by passing a supervisory level test taken up to 90 days before the beginning of the course. Optionally, participants can pass an entry exam on the first day of class. Participants failing this exam may participate in the course but will not receive a certificate unless they pass a re-test before the end of the WellCAP Plus course.

Designed For

The IADC WellCAP Plus course is designed for experienced people with knowledge in well control operations. Anyone involved in the well design and operational decision-making process of drilling a well, such as a Drilling Supervisor, Superintendent or Company Man, Tool Pusher, OIM, Rig Manager, or Engineer would benefit greatly from the course.

Course Delivery

The 5-day course is delivered through a Facilitated Learning model and is offered on demand at our Western Canada facility. Please get in touch to book a course.

Participants will be assigned to three-to five-person teams that will work together on case studies portraying realistic situations. Each exercise highlights key points when important decisions need to be made to affect the positive outcome to the well control event. At each decision point the teams will gather separately and spend sufficient time (one to two hours) to develop a recommended plan of action and to identify resources required for successful implementation. Once the solutions are discussed, the teams will be informed of what actually happened at the well and will be tasked with finding a new solution.


In a departure from traditional WellCAP instruction, no exit examination is required; participants are judged on course participation and teamwork. Upon completing the course and passing the entry exam, the candidate will receive a certificate for the same level and type coverage as the current supervisor certificate.

Once taken, the WellCAP Plus course cannot be repeated until three years later.