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Well Control Group provides various well control engineering solutions to the oil and gas industry. From advanced on site kick control to remote safety services our client satisfaction, response time, and expertise is unmatched. Please contact us for more information on one of our services listed below.

24/7 Blowout Recovery and Kick Control

We offer expertise advice and on site consultation around the clock, call us immediately at the number below to see how we can help.



On Site Kick Control

The petroleum industry works hard to prevent catastrophic events. However, accidents do happen and having the right team able to act in a moment of crisis is important. Well Control Group's expert offers on site field support to bring problematic wells under control.


Well Control Group can create custom contingency plans tailored to minimize complications during drilling or intervention operations. The plan details response procedures, likely scenarios leading to a blowout, and prevention and intervention strategies by identifying critical physical and operational barriers for safer pressure control.

Blowout Recovery

Well Control Group in association with trusted third parties can provide blowout recovery services, ranging from safety personnel on site and fire protection services, to clean up equipment. Our associates have more than twenty years of experience in blowout recovery

Incident reconstruction

Well Control Group's own certified Professional Engineers have been involved in reconstructions of events leading to blowouts, providing expert opinion for litigation purposes. Thanks to our involvement, the large majority of the cases have been settled quickly and out of court to the satisfaction of our clients.


Our team of experts responds to well control incidents by providing immediate remote support to rigs facing difficult situations. Well Control Group's engineers advise rig personnel on how to effectively solve complex problems, minimizing danger and downtime.


Safety is every rig's first priority. Experts trained by Well Control Group routinely offer their expertise on the rig site, inspecting equipment, reviewing procedures, and assuring compliance with existing regulations. Additionally, on-site training can be provided for all the safety courses offered by our organization.