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IADC Workover and Completions - Fundamental

Well Control for Wireline, Coiled Tubing, and Snubbing Operators


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Prior certification at introductory level or above.


The IADC WellCAP fundamental course is essential training for those currently working in a role that is expected to shut-in a well during live well intervention work. The course aims to reinforce and improve the candidate’s existing knowledge and appreciation of the various stages of shutting-in a well based on given rig-ups; from identifying current and alternative barriers, to monitoring pressure once the well is shut in. The course will also focus extensive on detecting  warning signs and equipment failures from the operator's point of view. 

Please visit the IADC website for information about the program and the full course syllabus.


IADC training levels introductory to supervisory are designed to be sequential and first-time candidates are expected to complete introductory level (or equivalent) before progressing to fundamental level. However, the training levels are also designed to be role-specific and dependent on the candidate’s work experience. For guidance and advice on which level of training you are eligible for, please get in touch.

Designed For

The Fundamental level course is designed for anyone expected to shut-in a well in case of unintended or unexpected flow, such as wireline, coiled tubing, or snubbing operators and other well servicing personnel.

Course Delivery

Courses are offered every week in both Western and Eastern Canada and begin the Monday of each week. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a customized schedule.

The course is delivered through presentation of a series of lectures and in class exercises, supplemented by further self-study exercises. The course is delivered over 3 to 5 days and includes a written assessment on the final day.


The following certification options are provided as standalone courses:

Workover and Completions - 20 hours minimum
Coiled Tubing Operations - 20 hours minimum
Wireline Operations - 15 hours minimum
Snubbing Operations - 20 hours minimum

A combination course covering all the material in the courses above is also offered. A minimum amount of 38 hours will be needed to seek the accreditation for the combination course at the Fundamental level.

Successful completion of the course and a pass mark of 70% or above in the IADC written examination will result in the IADC WellCAP Fundamental certification which is valid for two years.